Wheel Blackout Overlays

kia telluride wheel decal

Welcome to our Wheel Blackout  Online Store, a Division of iCutDecals.  On this site, we carry a variety of vinyl self adhesive wheel overlay kits designed to delete all or part of the silver or chrome areas on factory wheels.  Our wheel decals are available in gloss black or matte black, and for customers who want a more colorful look, we carry white, silver, red, pink, yellow, and turquoise.  Some of our kits cover all of the exposed aluminum, and some leave silver showing around the decal, which we call reveal.

We are always working on new wheel blackout decal kits, so check back often to see what we have available. If you questions or have a particular wheel that you would like a kit for, please email – icutdecals@outlook.com

We carry self adhesive vinyl wheel blackout overlay decals for a variety of popular automobile and truck wheels. We have Toyota TRD Offroad wheel blackouts, Toyota 4runner Limited wheel blackouts, Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport wheel blackouts, Kia Telluride wheel blackouts, Honda Accord Sport wheel blackouts, Honda Civic Sport wheel blackouts, Honda Pilot wheel blackouts, Mini Cooper Roulette wheel blackout overlays, Volkswagen GTI Mk7 wheel overlays, Suburu Forester wheel blackout overlays, and Dodge Challenger wheel blackout overlays. If you have a special request, please feel free to email me at icutdecals@outlook.com

You can purchase our kits using the product links below or by clicking on the Shop links to the left.


Our Wheel Blackout Overlay Collection currently consists of –

-Toyota TRD Offroad wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Toyota 4runner Limited wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Toyota TRD Sport wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road blackout overlay decals.

-Kia Telluride wheel blackouts overlay decals.

-Honda Accord Sport wheel blackouts overlay decals.

-Honda Civic Sport wheel blackouts overlay decals.

-Honda Pilot wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Mini Cooper Roulette wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Volkswagen GTI Mk7 wheel overlays decals.

-Suburu Forester wheel blackout overlay decals.

-Dodge Challenger wheel blackout overlay decals.


Chrome Delete Wheel Blackout Decal Kits