Dry Method Install – Wheel Blackout Decal Kits

Many decal kits can be installed dry with no application fluid or soapy water. Applying dry is quick and easy with no dry time needed.   Just peel and press on.

Vinyl Wheel Blackout Overlays for Kia Telluride 2020-2022 image 3

Dry apply decals are normally smaller and have no thin parts that can be stretched or deformed during an install. They can be pulled up and reapplied multiple times.  Our Telluride decals above are an example.  The mainZ challenge in applying is to center the decal so that is looks right on the wheel.  As you apply, this becomes easier.

Before installing, wash your wheels and wipe down the application areas with isopropyl alcohol.  This removes any residue that may prevent adhesion.  When applied to a clean surface, the decals will last longer.

For dry applied decals, simply peel the sticker from the release liner (wax paper) and apply directly to your wheel. Make sure your fingers are clean to avoid contaminating the adhesive. If the decal is off center, gently peel it off and reapply.  You can do this several times without hurting the decal.  This process becomes easier with practice.  Once it is in the proper position, press the decal in well with a soft cloth.

Save your spare decals in a cool, dry place.