Full Blackout Wheel Overlay Versus Kits With Reveal

At iCutDecals, we design and create two types of wheel blackout overlay kits.  A full blackout that covers the entire silver section of the wheel, and a partial blackout kit that leaves a silver edge or reveal around the decals.  Both kits are durable and applied the same way.  The one you choose is simply a matter of taste and preference. Also, keep in mind that we offer these kits in several colors besides black. (click here to order)

full blackout wheel overlays
Full Coverage Wheel Blackout – No Reveal
Honda Pilot Wheel Overlay
Honda Pilot Full Blackout Wheel Overlay

The photo above is of our full coverage blackout overlay kit.  One for the Honda Civic Sport, and the other for the Honda Passport.  As you can see, there is no reveal, and the kit essentially blacks out the entire rim.

The photos below are of wheel blackout kits with reveal.  The first is our 4Runner kit, and the second is our Kia Telluride kit. Note the area around the decal and how it leaves some silver.  Many of our customers prefer this look in that it adds style to a wheel versus simply blacking it completely out.  These are especially nice when done in colors.

wheel blackout with reveal
Toyota 4Runner Wheel Blackout With Reveal
kia telluride wheel decal
Kia Telluride Blackout With Reveal

.For more information on our wheel blackouts or to request a custom kit, email us at icutdecals@outlook.com .